Absolutely not! All of our players receive their own golf cart. This speeds up play and assures our players manage their energy for the day long affair.
Teams of 2-4 are not encouraged but have been accommodated in the past. Please contact us if you want to form a team for this year’s marathon.
Golfing 100 Holes sounds intense but it allows for a fun, fast paced experience. It makes it easier for golfers to raise funds by asking a donor to pledge each hole. If you asked 5 people pledge $1 a hole you’re half way there! It also presents a unique challenge that most have never attempted.
The Golf Marathon is not designed to be an extreme endurance event. Golf carts are provided the entire day and there are volunteers to cheer you on and as well provide meals, refreshments and snacks. Serious competitors are encouraged though as there are prizes for Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, etc.
They aren’t the same as the golf game you’re used to! Some adjustments are made to keep the game going. Click here to view the list of rules.
Expect to be at Emerald Valley close to sunrise.
Yes! You can contribute as a corporate sponsor or pledge to sponsor a golfer on our website.
Yes, you can invite friends and family out to support and encourage you during the day, but the dinner and prize giveaway is for golfers only.